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Ravenswatch. One of the largest cities of our time, ever pulsating under the drums of the new factories. Beyond the veil that keeps common citizens in oblivion, factions employ all resources available in a never-ending battle for control. And that includes us.

We are The Horrors, beings divided between humanity and the supernatural. Our human facade is useful for our masters, since it allows us to navigate society undetected.
But it is our dark powers that interest them most.

The night calls us. It is time to set foot into the dark alleys once more. There's a new mission to carry out. Through the shadows we dance, as we inspire even more stories for the local legends.

Ravenswatch is hungry, and it cannot wait.


What lies beneath the darkness is a gaslamp fantasy game about intrigue and struggle. 

You play as a Horror employed by a faction to expand their dominance over the victorianesque city of Ravenswatch, while you fight to balance the human and supernatural natures that inhabit you.

Who are you going to be?

♦ A Reluctant Vampire?

♦ A Wild Lycanthrope?

♦ A Repentant Fallen Angel?

♦ A Restless Specter?

♦ A Cryptic Witch?

♦ Or a Mischievous Fae?

You will face the dark streets of Ravenswatch performing missions for your faction. You live an internal battle between your human links and your dark instincts, between what you want and what your faction demands.

Step into the night!


  • Two modes of play: solo or multiplayer
  • Built upon the rules-light, story-driven Push system
  • 36 unique character traits for full customization
  • Zero-prep: just roll some dice and build the story as you go
  • Easy to run online or on play-by-post

Your purchase includes

  • 40-page full-color, fully illustrated and hyperlinked rulebook
  • Printer-friendly character sheet
  • Form-fillable character sheet
  • Quick reference guide with tables and rules summary
  • Form-fillable Matrix so you can customize the game
  • At-cost print-on-demand coupon for the paperback book
  • Every PDF sale adds a community copy!

Check out this excellent actual play in Spanish by Rol con Cosas

An in-depth review by Abraham from Talking About Games:

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Art by Kim Holm

Updated 26 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorCezar Capacle
GenreRole Playing
TagsCo-op, Fantasy, gaslamp, Horror, journaling, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, Solo RPG, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$14.90 USD or more

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Will you be updating Drivethrurpg with the new version?  For some reason I bought it there and not here…

Just did! If I've done everything correctly, you should be receiving an email soon!


I don't appear to have an email yet but that's okay.  Thanks Cezar! Well done for commissioning real artists.  I know its not cheap.

Luckily for me, Kim Holm offers a lot of his art as CC-BY!


Thats great 👍🏻.


Hello, who is the artist for this game?



Unfortunately, the current version has images from Wombo. I didn't know better at the time. But I'm glad to inform that I am updating the game with amazing art by Kim Holm in the following days. So stay tuned for that :) Here's a preview:


Thank you so much!


Hello! Game updated with new art! ^^


Just started playing this solo and it's already firing so many ideas. 

Beautifully simple system, love the push your luck mechanic of the Action Roll. Incredibly interesting premise, has given me a solid platform to start telling stories. 

This is awesome to hear, thank you so much for sharing! 


will there ever be more community copies? looks so cool!

Thank you! Yes, very soon I’ll update the community copies!