Minor typos and grammar fixes

Hi, there

Just updated the main PDF correcting some minor typos and grammar issues. 

Thanks to my friend Sérgio for pointing those out!


--  Cezar


What lies beneath the darkness _v105.pdf 6 MB
May 26, 2022

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Purchased this game, but can't find the link to download the updated pdf that was correcting the typos and grammar.. and will this be reflected in the POD? I haven't ordered printed copy as yet..  thanks

Hi, there! 

So if you try  to download the game again, you just need the core book PDF. Make sure the file ends with v105. 

And yes, the Print on Demand has also been corrected already. 


Many thanks for your prompt reply Cezar..looking forward to getting started on a game 🙂👍...

My pleasure! Hope you have a great time!