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In the lands where the wind howls like a beast untamed, you forge your path. They say the gales here shape not just the land, but the very spirit of those who walk it. You are one of those souls, a wanderer amidst the churning skies and the earth that bites with frost.

Against the Wind is a solo/coop fantasy-adventure sandbox game in a land ravaged by fierce winds and biting cold, all infused with a subtle pinch of fairy tale ambiance. In this world, players step into the roles of magical nomad heroes, confronting the relentless climate, traversing diverse landscapes, and following their own unique paths.

The game blends traditional and modern styles of play, merging the classic elements of fantasy adventure — like wilderness exploration and dungeon delving — with contemporary, narrative-driven mechanics.

  • Play solo or with your friends: no need for a GM, the game procedures guide you through your adventures.
  • Create your own world: rules on how to draw your map and discover the world as you travel the lands.
  • Unique characters: 19 random tables to create a character unlike any other.
  • Classic and modern: dungeon delving and wilderness exploration with modern, story-driven mechanics.
  • All-in-one: 60+ tables to create locations, challenges, features, people and more, with step-by-step guides on how to do so.

Here's a sample character, entirely created by rolling on some of the tables in the book:

A single resolution mechanic takes care of all kinds of actions. Here's how it works:

Pretty easy, right? In the book, you'll learn how to create prolonged challenges, leverage your character traits for a better chance of success, and spend and recover your resources. 

Your purchase includes:

  • 100-page, full-color, totally hyperlinked and bookmarked PDF, both on-screen and printer-friendly versions.
  • The Book of Tables, a PDF with all 195 tables to create anything, from characters to locations, from features to dungeons.
  • Custom character sheet, both classic and form-fillable versions
  • At-cost print-on-demand coupon for the 7.44 x 9.68 in (189 x 246 mm) book, both in paperback and hardcover options, and for the Book of Tables (same size, saddle stitch)  
  • Every purchase adds +1 community copy

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Buy Now$14.90 USD or more

In order to download this adventure game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.90 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Against the Wind_v102.pdf 58 MB
Against the Wind_v102_printer friendly.pdf 7.3 MB
Against the Wind_The Book of Tables.pdf 21 MB
Against the Wind_Character Sheet_v2.pdf 4.7 MB
Against the Wind_map template.pdf 12 kB
Against the Wind_PoD-coupon-hardcover
Against the Wind_PoD-coupon-paperback
Against the Wind_The Book of Tables_PoD-coupon

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When I go for the Pods, they seem high for at cost. Are they really $29.69 for the HC and $21.62 for the SC?


(1 edit) (+2)

Unfortunately, yes. This game is a bit bigger in dimensions, and it ended up a bit more expensive, I am afraid.  As you can see, revenue is set at 0.00


No I did not. But no worries, I just wanted to make sure before I purchased them. Thanks for the response!

Awesome stuff by the way!

Ah, my bad. I posted a screenshot, but apparently it didn’t upload 😅

Anyways, thank you!


Hi, this looks amazing! Any more community copies coming soon? 🤞

Hi, there! Thanks! Yup, I keep updating them frequently! ^^

There are some more up now!

Thank you! Guess I was not quick enough, I missed em. 😶


Hello, I was also introduced to your work via Geek Gamers! Are you still offering community copies, or do you drop them at random? 

Hello! I keep updating them, as new sales come ^^
So hopefully there will be more up soon! 

There are some more up!


Thanks so much! I'll hit you back soon and leave a review! 💖🙏

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Cezar, vc está vendendo esse jogo em alguma loja em BRL? Nem precisa ser em pt-br, queria apenas comprar em real.

Brother, ainda não! Mas belisca uma das community copies aí, adicionei mais!

Pessoal, já pegou tudo ahhahahahahahaha. Mas não tem problema não, eu espero. Muito obrigado!


For anyone wondering about the illustrations (which are fantastic, great choice!) – it looks like most are public domain, by Kay Nielsen, from the book East of the Sun and West of the Moon (1914). https://publicdomainreview.org/collection/east-of-the-sun-and-west-of-the-moon-illustrated-by-kay-nielsen-1922-edition/


That is correct! You can also find them here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Kay_Nielsen


I also was sent here from Geek Gamers and am super impressed by your work. Thank you for this amazing solo resource!


That’s very kind of you to say, thank you for your support!


Hello Cezar,
seen on Geek Gamers and immediatley fell in love with your work, I purchased the digital and hard cover
Cheers and thank you.

That’s awesome to hear, thank you so much!


Hey Cezar,

The POD links are showing up as $35+ Canadian for me. Is Lulu printing actually that much (if so, wow) or are the links not adding the proper discount?

Thanks in advance!

I'm afraid so. Just double-checked here are the prices for the paperback version (as you can see, zero revenue added):


Thanks for confirming. I'll keep an eye out in case you do a print run and sale in the future as I would like to support your work over just paying the printing company for theirs.

Against the Wind is such a treat to play and honestly just read through from a world building and art admiration perspective. You have created something truly amazing with this and I wish you all the best into the future.

Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say, I deeply appreciate it ^^


I stumbled upon your game on Geek Gamers’ YouTube channel, and it really grabbed my attention! I’m eager to play it, but at the moment, purchasing a copy isn’t feasible for me. Would it be possible to grab one of your community copies? I’ll be sure to show my appreciation with a review!


Hi, there! Absolutely, I'll be updating the community copies soon!


Thank you!  I haven’t been this excited about a game in a while - Can’t wait to dive into the game!

Just added some more!

(1 edit) (+1)

When do we get our codes for order the physical copy if we pre-ordered? I ordered mine ~80 days ago, and I see that Geek Gamers already got hers for her channel! Thanks! Can't wait to get this on the Dungeon Dive!

Hi, there! The coupons are within your file downloads here! (They’ve been out for 42 days now!). The last three “files” are actually external links that will lead you straight to Lulu. 

Sorry for the confusion, I mentioned the instructions on the last update but I know those emails are easily missed :) 

Let me know if that works for you! I’m excited to see it on the Dungeon Dive (long time fan). 


oh cool! I guess I was expecting a different kind of announcement. Lol. Missed it. Thanks! Glad to have supported the game. 


Hi, on designer's note on page 34 the chances to hit a 10 with 2d6 should be 1 in 12 not 1 in 6


Hi, Steve! Thanks for the comment! The text mentions a chance to hit a 10+, which is indeed 1 in 6 :)



You are right! It says 10 or more. It's 1 in 6 indeed. 


A really good narrative system with a lot of contents  and flavour. A marvelous gift for soloists.

Thank you, Alex! Appreciate it 


could you provide a standard link to Lulu please? I can't find it...

Hi, there! I certainly can! I just can’t post it here or on the page because I don’t get any revenue from physical sales. That’s why I offer the link as a complementary option for PDF buyers. If you purchased the game, but couldn’t find the link, I ask you to email me at capacle@gmail.com and I’ll send you the links directly. I hope this helps! :-)


That’s surprising.  Why would you not sell the book on its own (without buying the PDF)?

Because of the higher cost of PoD, I'd have to lower my margins significantly in order to offer the book at a reasonable price.  


That's a shame.  Thanks for explaining.  ;-)

Of course! In any case, if you are interested in the physical book, drop me a line, I’m sure I can work something out for you :)


Cezar, I suggest you print on demand on Amazon (KDP), it’s much cheaper than Lulu and you can certainly make a profit.

That is a great suggestion, actually! I'll look into it!


Looks really cool! I want it but I can't really spend the money right now. I'll do my best to share it around though.

Appreciate that! Every now and then I am updating the community copies so you’re welcome to grab one :-)


Hello Cezar, how essential   is map-drawing to the game? I’m not the best at drawing maps thanks to my visual impairment. Is it still playable without drawing up maps?. Thank you for your creations, can’t wait to play.


Hi, there! Thanks for the question! Not really essential, I’d say. It is perfectly playable with a pre-made map, or even without a map at all, just by keeping track of the places you visit on any kind of journal or document of your choosing. 

Hi Cezar, wondering if there's any chance for more community copies? Love the concept of this game, would love to grab one.

Hi, there! I’ll be replenishing the community copies soon! Hope you’re able to grab one! ^^


They are up!


Phenomenal! Love the execution of the dice resolution system. Been playing solo for a bit, my ex-soldier with a shadow rapier has been having lots of fun. Can't wait for you to finish this. Really gorgeous game.

Just one little tiny teeny gripe I have with it: I think "Factor" as a stat doesn't really comunicate anything, I think "Circumstance" would be a better name for it. But that's it, just a tiny nitpick lol

Looking forward to playing this with some friends!

Thanks for reporting back, I’m glad you are enjoying it! And I hear you, I’ll bring it to my revision table ^^ 


Crossing my fingers and hoping for some more community copies as a Christmas gift 😂  Happy Holidays!

Deleted post

Thank you, likewise! Some more copies are up!

Deleted post

There are some more up! Happy Holidays!


I must have just missed them! But I'll keep checking back, really appreciate you adding community copies, thank u 😊

Some more are up!

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm loving the system. Really inspiring. Can't wait to see it finished.

Thank you! Working on it right now ^^


Hello César, good afternoon! Any chance of seeing this material in Portuguese?


Hi, there! Yes, there is a chance! Let's see if I can make it happen ^^


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

(1 edit) (+4)

Will... you... please... slow... down??? I have a backlog of your games I want to feature already!!! hahahahaha - Once again this looks amazing!!


Hahahaha! Thank you, Scott! 

I hope this is a good kind of trouble I am giving you!


Looks great! Christmas is a little tight this year but I’ll grab it as soon as I can!


Appreciate your support! Just put some more community copies up if you want to check it out ;)


Baha missed it. Thanks though. Awesome to see how popular your work is getting though! Good work

Thanks! Yes, they're going out so fast! I'll be replenishing them throughout the campaign.


The Dungeon Dive sent me here from his paetron 

Awesome! Thanks for checking out the game. 


The dungeon dive sent me here - will have to wait for a community copy unfortunately but best of luck!


Thanks, more to come soon! 

BTW, where was it shared, exactly?


I saw it on the Facebook group myself :) also I just got a community copy, thank you!

Perfect, I hope you enjoy it ☺️


Looks really interesting.

Thank you very much!

BTW, thank you so much for sharing it with your followers! Deeply appreciated ^^


My pleasure!


Backed! This looks really great Cezar. loving the clean layout and Nielsen's work. looking forward to a physical edition

Thank you so much! Can't wait to release it ^^


Purchased! The Dungeon Dive sent me here and excited to check it out!

Appreciate your support, thank you!!


did i miss the community copies? or will there be more someday?!


They all went really fast!! I'll be adding some more soon ^^


This looks great. I'll be purchasing it as soon as 1.0 is out!

Thank you! Appreciate your support