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Welcome to Random Realities: Revelations for the Roving Raconteur!

This zine works as a universal oracle for all of your solo RPG needs, comprising 60+ oracle results on each of its pages. With a single 2d6 roll, a page flip, or a button click, you will be instantly inspired to envision worlds, locations, scenes, people, creatures, settlements, items, and much more. 

Read along to see a sample page and understand how it works. 

Without further ado, here's a sample page of the zine:

The idea is very simple: roll d66 (2d6, using one number as decimals and the other as units) to determine your page, and instantly access a unique combination of results from 60+ tables (the dice results are in the bottom right corner, along with a d4 and a d12 as well).

Don't feel like rolling dice every time? Simply flip the zine to a random page if you have a print copy, or click on the dice to go to another page.

Wait... click on the dice??

Yup! If you are using the PDF version, you can simply click on the dice (or on the title of any category) and it will take you to another random page! It is pretty magical!*

A world in every flip

As you can see, instead of having a single table on each page, you have a result from 60+ tables on every single one of the 36 pages.

If you are familiar with oracle decks for solo play, the principle is pretty much the same. Instead of flipping through the book to find the right table, you have a collection of results that allow you to, in a glimpse, decide many details about the situation you are in. NPCS, quests, rewards, wilderness exploration, encounters, monsters, it's all right there.

I drew from my 30+ published games experience to collect the most useful, practical, and evocative oracles for this zine. I tried to keep the entries as setting neutral as possible, but in some cases I default to fantasy as a sort of lowest common denominator. As a player, it feels easier for me to adapt a fantasy-flavored result to, say, a modern setting, than the other way around.

*This feature only works on PDF readers, both on mobile or on desktop. Browsers do not support this function.  

The oracle results are organized into 10 different categories. Here's an overview:

  • General: As the title implies, this category covers general oracle resources, such as answering yes or no questions, complex (open) questions, and intensity/quality/quantity questions.

  • World: create a unique setting by defining its name, the prevalence of some characteristics, its inhabitants, and, with the help of some icons, envision what is unique about it.

  • Exploration: excellent for crossing uncharted territories, hexcrawling and other forms of wilderness explorations. You can describe the weather and the surroundings, as well as define a possible encounter or discovery.

  • Creation: envision items, buildings, weapons, structures, artifacts, or anything else that can be crafted.

  • Scene: your main aid when you get into action! Define a challenge, discover how the opposition reacts, describe the scene with sensorial details, and get inspired when you roll partial/major successes in your system of choice!

  • Quest: craft a mission, envision what is against you, what might help you, and keep track of how your story advances and escalates!

  • Location: entering a settlement or a defined place? Discover everything about it, from its history to its need, from its leaders to its pressing matters.

  • People: your trusty NPC generator! Quirks, desires, skills, intents, it's all here!

  • Creature: craft unique beings to interact with, including their powers and how they would act in a confrontation.

  • Fate: besides the d66 roll (the two numbers inside the squares), you also get handy d4 and d12 results in case you need them, as well as a likelihood definer.

If you are an experienced solo RPG player, I think you can easily see the value on a tool like that. Straight to the point, concise yet evocative, ready to go.

If you are just starting your journey into solo RPGs, look no further! You can grab your favorite system, and with the help of Random Realities, jump right into action in no time!

► This game was made possible by the support of my amazing patrons. Join today and get all my future games for free!

Watch me give it an overview and create an example play using only the zine:

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I found out about this oracle randomly while on YouTube.

I'm sorry if it's rude to ask but, do you have any idea if or when you have any more community copies?


There are some more up right now. Cheers!


Oh thank you so much!



I've purchased the PDF + PoD code but have not received a coupon?


Hey, there! Let me help. 

Check among your download files here on itch. You’ll see external links that start with “Random Realities_physical-…”

Those links will get you to Lulu, and the price you see there is already at cost! 

Let me know if that helps!


Got it, thanks!

(4 edits) (+2)

I've been using Random Realities for my solo sessions, and it's become essential for me. This zine is incredibly versatile, giving me endless ideas for my adventures. Whether I'm making a new world, setting up a scene, or creating unique characters and creatures, it has everything I need.

What I love most is how simple and easy it is to use. The clickable dice in the PDF are a great feature, letting me quickly jump to new pages and keep my game going smoothly.

The different categories provide a complete set of tools. Each result is brief but inspiring, helping me get creative without too much detail.

The example play video by Cezar is amazing. Watch it to see how this zine can help you create really immersive stories.

Random Realities is a must-have for any solo RPG fan. It's practical, inspiring, and very easy to use. It truly changed my solo adventures.

Thank you so much for your kind review! ^^


Hi! Any chance of additional community copies being made available? If not it's cool, I'll just have to wait until I have a bit of spare cash


Hi there! Just put some more up!


Thank you :) It's very kind of you. Unfortunately I missed out on one but it's cool, I'll just pick one up when I can. Have a nice day!


Is there a way to buy the physical copy of this book outside of itch? For some reason i cant pay here because of some strange errors happening to my card. Thanks!

Would you mind shooting me an email at capacle@gmail.com so that we can arrange something?


Any chance of getting the pages labelled with the corresponding dice roll? I get that the hyperlinks work in the PDF, but I'd like to print it off for solo play and the result pages aren't labelled. Or am I missing something?


The pages are numbered, and in sequence, for rolling D66. If you look at the bottom right corner, you will see four Dice results (D4, D6, D6, D12). Read the middle two (the two D6)  as the D66 result. Hope that helps


Thank you, Scott! That’s exactly it :)


Ah, awesome, thanks! I figured I must have been blind :-)

BTW, I enjoy your YT channel.


You are most welcome, and thank you so much for watching!!


Me encantó este sistema. Y ni que decir todas las opciones en un sólo documento. Gracias por un trabajo tan bien hecho :)


Qué bueno que te haya gustado. Tu reconocimiento significa mucho para mí. ¡Gracias a ti por apreciar mi esfuerzo! :)


Awesome set of prompts, this is going to become my go-to "brain experienced an error" tool when I'm playing roleplaying games or writing, because even just looking through the categories can spark an idea or remind me what I was trying to accomplish. 
So far every game/tool of yours that has caught my interest has been worth the money, and the fact that there is the seperate POD codes mean that I can decide whether to get a print copy later instead of experiencing FOMO. The fact that most of them are now on the "Cezar Capacle" section on my shelf just shows how good your stuff is! 

That's high praise, really appreciate your kind words!


Really great tool. I played around with it for 10 minutes and already built a setting and a quest. Excited to play through it tonight

That's awesome to hear! Have fun! ^^


Great tool! Any advice on how to build a faction (or two)?


Thank you! Sure, I’d use “Influence” under “Location”, “Inhabitants” under “World”, or even “Role” under “People” to determine who they are.

Then, to see what they are all about, I’d get “Seeks & Offers” under “People” or “Location” to define what they control and what they need (that perhaps is under the control of another faction). 


Amazing! Thank you. :-)


(1 edit) (+2)

It seems like the "Roll d66" button doesn't work on Preview, the default PDF viewer for MacOS. Clicking one of the specific dice combinations does take me to the right page. Any troubleshooting tips?

Unfortunately, it really doesn’t. It requires JavaScript compatibility, which I believe preview does not have, whereas the dice combinations are simply bookmarks. You’ll need a different pdf reader such as Adobe or Foxit, I’m afraid. 

No worries, thanks for the info!


What is the print-at-cost coupon for? DTRPG? I looked at your DTRPG page and don’t see that product.

Hello! It is for Lulu!


Is there any way to get the raw random table data in a form that might be more friendly to importing to digital tools such as discord bots, Obsidian, etc? Plain text file? JSON? 


Ahh I see now, that's the spreadsheet. Was that an option for those of us who pre-bought this item? I really don't remember seeing it. All good, thank you!

Indeed, the spreadsheet was one of the perks at the €8 tier! Drop me a line if you’re having trouble accessing it. I can export it on different formats too, I believe. 


I’m having problems randomising the PDF.  what program are you using to achieve random results via the categories?  I can only get a random result via the “Roll D66” button.  I’m using an app on my iPad that I have used to do the same thing with a different oracle PDF…

I tested it with Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader on Windows and PDF Expert on iOS. But I’ll look into it, perhaps there’s a bug. Would you mind sharing what app do you use and what was the other oracle that worked?


I’m using PDF expert! The other oracle is Encounter Building Cards - Decisions


Right, so it seems that my newest script is having trouble with mobile devices. I’ll investigate further and perhaps I create a separate version with a different script. Thank you so much for letting me know!


No worries.  🙂

Ok, so apparently the script I used is a little too sophisticated for mobile. XD 

I went ahead and uploaded a mobile version with a different script. It has a similar behavior, the titles are now working, but they will take you to the top of the page instead of keeping at the scroll position you were. 

I'll keep investigating, though. Thanks again for the heads-up!

Deleted 98 days ago

They’re going really fast! Just put some more up

Deleted 98 days ago

I'll keep replenishing them!

Deleted 98 days ago

Hi this page seems to be accessible to backers only. A friend of mine gets this error message:


Hi, Steve! Thanks for reporting it. I was planning on having the project available earlier today, but had some technical issues. Would you be so kind as to inform your friend that the page is now available publicly? 


it's seems ok now. Thanks. 


Thank you!


This is a wonderful and easy-to-use resource in PDF form. 100% 5 *****. Would buy again.

Thank you so much!


This is great! I am going to test it on my next solo session!

Thank you, I'm glad to hear that!