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The clock is ticking down...

Two-minute warning. No time-outs left. 

It's the grand finale of the Global Football League Championship.

Your home field roars with anticipation, but the visitors just put points on the board, leaving you behind in the dust. The moment has arrived.
A culmination of passion, ambition, and relentless drive.
Will you rise to the challenge and lead your team to a legendary victory?
Two minutes to carve your name in the annals of history.
Get ready for an epic showdown on the field!

Welcome to Two-Minute Warning, a thrilling narrative card game that transports you to the heart-pounding final moments of a football championship. Designed for solo or group play, this unique experience takes less than an hour, allowing you to dive right into the action. 

The core of the game targets the drama and excitement of each play, from the moment the ball is snapped until the down concludes. Individual positions, stats and detailed rules give room to the thrill of the play and the decisions you make. With Two-Minute Warning, you'll feel the pressure and exhilaration of every crucial choice. 

The rules are easy to grasp, and you don't need any previous experience with similar games to enjoy it. You can learn as you play, and with minimal setup required, you'll be ready to roll in no time. Just grab a deck of cards, prepare your play space, and you're set for a memorable, high-stakes football experience like no other. 

 Get ready to immerse yourself in the nail-biting action of Two-Minute Warning!

  • πŸ‘₯ Solo or Multiplayer: Dive into the action solo or share the thrill with friends.
  • πŸƒ Standard Deck Gameplay: All you need is a standard deck of cards to kick off.
  • πŸ’» Virtual Tabletop Ready: Play online for free with a dedicated virtual tabletop platform.
  • 🏈 Narrative-Focused Rules: Easy-to-grasp mechanics that emphasize the drama and intensity of every play.
  • 🌟 Dramatic Moments: Experience the game's heart-pounding moments as the clock ticks down.
  • πŸ“– Magazine Immersion: Beautifully formatted to resemble a sports magazine, pulling you deeper into the game's world.

A football experience that stands apart. 

Two-Minute Warning is a narrative card game, designed to capture the raw emotion and drama of the final moments in a championship football game. Here, numbers fade into the backdrop; points, yards, or seconds are abstracted with cards. The mechanics are a vehicle for storytelling, for evocative moments of decision-making, tension, and glory. 

The card play, while focused on supporting the narrative, also presents intriguing tactical choices, mirroring the critical decisions made in real-life games. It’s a blend of strategic card play and riveting narrative arcs, using prompts to ignite your imagination at every turn.

In Two-Minute Warning, you transport yourself into the cleats of the players, facing intense choices, responding to challenges, and vying for ultimate success. You live their passion, their doubts, their hopes, immersing in the story, making choices, and experiencing the heart-thumping climax of a game where every moment can be the decisive one.

Your purchase includes:

  • πŸ“˜ Illustrated Book: A 44-page, fully illustrated and hyperlinked, full-color book, uniquely laid out like a sports magazine.
  • πŸ’» Virtual Tabletop Access: Free access to a dedicated virtual tabletop platform, fully equipped with automated actions for seamless online gameplay.
  • πŸ“œ Print-on-Demand Coupon: Receive an at-cost coupon to purchase the print-on-demand version of the staple-bound, US letter-sized magazine.
  • πŸƒ Custom Card Deck:*
    • Print & Play: Get our custom deck in a ready-to-print format, bridge size.
    • Print-on-Demand: Option to purchase a professionally printed deck at cost.
  • 🎲 Playmat:*
    • Print & Play: Download and print your own full-color or black and white game mat.
    • Print-on-Demand: Upgrade to a high-quality, full-color, neoprene version with an at-cost coupon.
  • πŸ“„ Text-Only Rules: A printer-friendly, text-only version of the game rules for easy and economical printing.

*Using the custom card deck and playmat is entirely optional for your gameplay experience.

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AuthorCezar Capacle
GenreCard Game, Sports
TagsBoard Game, Co-op, Football, Narrative, Solo RPG, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours


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Where can this be purchased PoD ?


The PDF purchase comes with a PoD coupon for an at-cost purchase. I do not offer the PoD only since I don't make any revenue from its sales :)


Love the game, made a video, made some rules changes hahaha

Some notes following my video:

At the end of the video I make a house rule to allow for a final Score attempt even if the Action Deck is empty. I found it strange that the game states that you complete the Down and Clash phases and that's it. Seems there's no point in completing those if you can't attempt to have a last gasp Hail Mary at the end!!

Also, I forgot to explain the following in the video (I even made a huge note in my prep list to mention it and I forgot anyway)!!

I decided to make a slight change to the game relating to the Time pile based on previous plays. 

In the game as written in the rulebook, I found that the Time pile didn't really mean much or have a meaningful effect on the game when it was discarded after every Clash Phase. I wanted the Time pile to really add to the nail-biting countdown of the clock so players wouldn't keep relying on it with little concern for the clock. 

I did try a game when the Time pile was not discarded AT ALL, but that proved too restricting. 

So I chose to ignore the "discard Time pile after Clash Phase" (pg 16), but keep the "discard Time pile after Opponent Phase" (pg30) element. 

As I was editing the video I also thought about prohibiting using "Spending Time" after the 5th Action Deck (my house rule for the endgame I mentioned in the video).

Just throwing some thoughts out there,

Cheers...... and GO RAIDERS!!

I really love your house rules! They both make great sense to me, thanks for sharing it with us!

Would you mind if I linked your video in the product page?


Not a problem!


I M P R E S S I V E presentation. Kudos!

Thank you so much!