Update #04 - Fourth week!

Hello, friends!

How's everyone doing?

Stopping by with our fourth devlog, today with some more cool stuff.

The plain text version 0.2 is now the full game! Still no art or diagrams, but it's the full text with examples. And with a first revision done.

While I work on the lay out, I thought I could share a preview version of some of the cards. They're still not print and play because it's on the dimensions required by the manufacturer, so there are very large black bleed areas.

But I really love how they're coming together and I couldn't wait to share with you. 

I'll keep you guys posted the next few days as we approach the end of the campaign.

Oh, and if you have comments and questions, head over to our community page.

Thank you all and take care!

-- Cezar


Starlight Riders 0.2 [PLAIN TEXT].pdf 328 kB
37 days ago
SR Character Cards [PREVIEW].pdf 4 MB
37 days ago
SR Mark Cards [PREVIEW].pdf 5 MB
37 days ago
SR Location Cards [PREVIEW].pdf 4 MB
37 days ago

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Hey Cezar... Thanks for the update regarding your health and your move. Get better soon, dude. And settle into your new country. And I'm happy to get my copy whenever it's ready. No stress or pressure from my side.

All the best!



Thank you, Roy! Your support means a lot to me :)