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Welcome, Drifters!

We invite you to step aboard your enchanted vessel and set sail on the ethereal ocean known as the Nectar. Nexalis calls you on an awe-inspiring journey across a universe filled with countless uncharted islands, each teeming with unique cultures, mysteries, and magical phenomena.


Nexalis is an otherworldly realm where islands drift amidst an endless cosmic ocean of magical plasma, the Nectar. The Nectar, pulsing with vibrant, ever-shifting colors, mirrors the celestial patterns that guide adventurers on their thrilling journeys. At the heart of this sea lies the Celestial Nexus, an entrancing vortex of astral energy that births islands and renews the world in a constant cycle of creation.

As you journey through the Starbound Isles and the shimmering Nectar ocean, you will encounter vibrant cultures, awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient relics, and enigmatic secrets. Guided by celestial constellations, you will brave untold challenges, learn valuable lessons, and forge lasting bonds with the people and places you encounter.

Character Art  by Penflower Ink, 2023, www.penflower-ink.com 

Bright fantasy?

Nexalis is a bright fantasy game, a genre that focuses on themes of wonder, exploration, and camaraderie. It showcases a vibrant and diverse setting, filled with colorful landscapes and imaginative creatures. Stories in Nexalis tend to be character-driven, often revolving around personal growth, discovery, and the building of relationships.

There's conflict, struggle and fight, but the stories tend to maintain an overall positive and hopeful tone, even in the face of adversity. The narrative emphasizes the potential for good in people and the world.

Characters exhibit adventurous, heroic qualities and make sacrifices for noble causes, learning about themselves along the way. Magic is portrayed positively, enhancing the world's mystique more often than presenting a threat.

Nexalis is a game about exploration and growth in a mesmerizing and ever-evolving world. 

In this game, characters are drifters from diverse backgrounds, united by a shared purpose and an insatiable curiosity for the unknown. You will take on unique roles, aiding locals and protecting the delicate balance of the world, as you grow stronger and wiser with every new experience.

Embark on a voyage of wonder and revelation, guided by the stars and the whispers of the Nectar. Unravel the mysteries of the Starbound Isles, open your heart and your mind to the Nexus, and leave your mark on the world of Nexalis.

Are you ready to answer the call of the unknown, chart your course through the Nectar, and embrace the transformative power of your journey? The world of Nexalis awaits.

spread mockupHighlights

  • Accessible Gameplay: With rules that are easy to learn and understand, you only need two six-sided dice (2d6) to dive into the celestial adventure.

  • Flexible Gameplay Style: Play solo or in a cooperative group. No need for a game master to guide the play. It's all about collective storytelling and shared discovery.

  • Dynamic Worldbuilding: With 15 unique oracles and random tables, create and customize your world, the islands you explore, the missions you undertake, and the characters you embody. Nexalis does not constrain you with excessive pre-established lore, making the world truly yours.

  • Procedural Gameplay: Clear and structured steps guide your gaming experience, always keeping you informed about what to do next. Two distinct phases of play alternate between high action and introspective reflection.

  • Unique Combat System: Nexalis introduces a combat system where a miss offers a tactical choice influencing counter attacks and the turn order, adding a strategic layer to the battles.

  • Evocative and Customizable Playbooks: The game offers 6 engaging playbooks with unique talents and highly customizable characteristics. Character creation is streamlined and fast, allowing you to dive into the game quickly.
trifold character playbook trifold character playbook

Your purchase includes:

  • 150-page, full-color, totally hyperlinked and bookmarked PDF.
  • 6 trifold playbooks with or without character art, ready to be printed.
  • Package with 20 island maps for your adventures 
  • 15 oracles to generate everything, from islands to characters, from missions to adversities.
  • Templates to create your own playbooks and adventures.
  • At-cost print-on-demand coupon for the 6 x 9 in (US Trade) book, both in paperback (USD 20.91) and hardcover (USD 28.87) options. 
  • Every purchase adds +1 community copy

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Our intuitive gameplay mechanics are centered around a simple and approachable core (rolling 1d6+modifiers) with enough nuance to offer immersive gameplay and strategical choices. Nexalis employs three key types of dice rolls to handle all your adventures: Challenge Rolls, Contest Rolls, and Combat Rolls.

  • Challenge rolls encompass actions such as overcoming an obstacle, solving a puzzle, accomplishing a task, avoiding a threat, enduring a hardship, disarming a trap, and so on. Your roll needs to meet a Challenge Rating (CR). If you do so, the challenge is overcome. If you don't, you can decrease the CR by 1 and keep trying with a different approach, if it makes sense.
  • Contest rolls are used when you want to oppose someone (or something) else on a task, such as a chase, a competition, a debate, a non-lethal duel, a negotiation, and so on. The core roll is the same, but instead of a CR, you are performing opposing rolls in a tug-of-war mechanic, and whoever gets to the end of the track first, wins the contest.
  • Combat rolls are needed when both sides of a conflict are willing to harm one another. Again, you are performing opposed rolls, and the difference between the rolls is the damage inflicted. However, whenever a miss occurs, you're faced with a pivotal choice: either keep the rhythm of battle as is, or opt for a bold counterattack, potentially accepting damage in exchange for seizing the initiative. Every decision you make in combat plays a critical role in shaping the flow of battle, adding another layer of tactical depth.

Other system highlights

  • Face Death: When your character drops to 0 Health Points or lower, their soul is transported to the Spirit Realm, where they'll need to win a Contest against Death itself. If they win, they spring back into action. If they lose, their soul is taken and a Relic from the Spirit Realm materializes in the place of their body.

  • Splitting Dice: Whenever your die rolls a 6 during any kind of roll, you have the option to split that die. If you choose to do so, roll two new dice and replace the original 6 with the sum of the new results.

  • Oracles: Whenever you need to answer a Yes or No question, you can ask the Oracle. You can even ask about the limits of your character's abilities, and use it to clarify game mechanics and effects.

  • Recover and advance: Recovering and advancing your character are tied to the seafaring phase, when you embark on a journey to the next island, reflect on your experiences and bond with your colleagues and with the mysterious Nexus itself.

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Very nice game to play Solo. In find the mechanics and theme very inspiring.

Thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it!


Hi. Is there any chance of you adding more community copies for this? It looks really nice but I can't afford it.

Hi, there! There are some more up!


Thank you!!


TLDR: bought it as part of some bundle, was pleasantly surprised with it. It works great for solo-playing, even if you are beginner as I am

I recently started playing solo games and just finished a little Nexalis two-shot. I was very pleasantly surprised with the game!

The system, which on first glance seems very simple and straight-forward, gives you the freedom to attempt the exact same action using whatever skill you think best fits, depending on how you are approaching it.

Relics (magic items) and talents (feats) follow a similar principle, where they say e.g "+2 to jumping" but there is no "jump" action per se, is up to you to interpret when that is applicable.

The tables and oracles are also great. At first I was afraid some of them (mostly the ones related to the Challenges, Contests and Combat) were too specific, and that might still come up if you play A LOT of the game and start getting repeated results, but for the most part they were really suggestive and helped me to keep things moving. Got stuck on what to do next? Roll a Hindrance/Curiosity/Opportunity and some Details about it, or Frame the Scene once more and you have a whole new angle to tackle the situation.

I bought Nexalis as part of some charity bundle, but this is definitively a game I see myself returning to. I also want to find the right group to play this in a group; I'm leaning towards using it in sessions I do with children at my local game store, also using the tables to generate everything on the go and fighting against my over-prep self

Thank you for your kind review! Lovely to hear you’re considering it for playing with kids, sounds like a great fit!

Hi there. I’m enjoying this game very much!  I noticed a typo - The Combat tables all have the heading ‘Contest’ instead of ‘Combat’.  This is a great system, I hope you use it again :-)


Hi! Thank you so much, I’m glad you are enjoying it! Great catch, I’ll fix it soon! 


Penflower Ink has 6 more matching character art pieces! It'll be cool to see how they might fit into Nexalis =))


I thought of the same thing, not gonna lie ^^ 

If I didn't have too much on my plate right now, I'd be cooking 6 extra playbooks :)


Has anyone gotten the POD coupon to work? When I click on the HTML file, I get nothing - blank browser.

Hi, there!

Just checked the links and they seem to be working fine on my end. 

After you purchase the PDF, make sure to click on the PoD links from your downloads, it should work! ^^


Looks really cool! Any plans for a physical release?


Thank you! Yes, next week the print on demand version should be up ^^


Which POD platform will you use?



Thanks, I decided to buy, I assume the coupon will come along soon?

Indeed! Just waiting a few more days for the backers to check if their names appear the way they want them ^^ 

Later this week it will be up. Thanks for the support!

Hi, there! Print on demand options now available!

Hi, there! Print on demand options now available!