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Welcome to Lisergia. 
Free yourself from the demands of logic and reason
and feel the bliss of obstacle-free creative exuberance.

Lisergia is a surreal game about the absurd of imagination.

You play as a Drifter, wandering around a dream land, experiencing nonsensical encounters in impossible scenarios.

There is no point in your expedition. You don't have a goal here. No one needs your help. You have no obligation. No tasks.

This is an invitation to confront common sense, reject productivism, unlock the door to the unconscious and enjoy some moments where you are allowed to just be. Nothing is expected from you.

Lisergia can be played solo or as a shared experience.

Core premises:

  • Unproductivism: There's no quest, no mission, no job, no goal. You don't have to do anything here. It's your resistance against the dictatorship of productivism. It's your haven, safe from the demands of a rational world. Accomplish nothing. This is an act of rebellion.
  • Irrationality: Free your creation from the constraints of rational order and cohesion. If it something does not appear to make sense, you're doing it right! Throw away deliberation and premeditation. Embrace the illogical and the unconscious.
  • Automatism: Spontaneity and freedom. Don't overthink your decisions. In fact, don't think at all about them. Put your pen down to the paper and write in a continuous flow. Whenever the flow stops, resort to the mechanics to give you the next push.
  • Randomness: Leave out the control of individual creativity authority and the ego of the author. Embrace chaos, accept chance and go with the flow.

Your purchase includes:

  • Full-color 82-page book with all the rules and instructions you need
  • 10 random tables with 216 entries each on a separate file for easy reference
  • Hand-picked surreal and abstract art to fuel your imagination
  • Custom world map generator with a map template so you can create your world
  • At-cost print-on-demand coupon for the physical book, both in paperback or hardcover
  • Every purchased copy generates a free community copy

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AuthorCezar Capacle


Buy Now$14.90 USD or more

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Hi, Cezar. I purchased a hard copy of Lysergia via Lulu and just received it but I couldn't find the coupon for the digital copy in it. Can you help me since printing some game material seems the best way to play ;-) My order on Lulu was #EUR-165774. Thanks for your support

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Hi, there! 

I can send a download link to you!

Please reach out to me through any of the platforms you can find at https://capacle.bio.link/ and I'll reply with your link, okay!


Thanks for your swift answer, Cezar. I just sent you an email using my @me.com email address :)


Given my obsessive love of Itras By, it should come as no surprise that I'll jump on any role-playing game that claims to be surreal; that it's also the work of Cezar Capacle is just the icing on the cake! It's difficult to describe Lisergia because it would seem that it's just automatic writing exercises with a hint of game mechanics, but it's a bit more than that: if the game itself is indeed limited to providing everything we need to let go of our psyche (and that's not bad at all), it also provides many tools (random tables, card design method...) that would have a perfect place in other parallel universes. Why not in the city of Itra?


Thank you very much for your feedback!


Hi, any chance this will be available in print?


Hi, there! Yes, over the next week I'll setup a print on demand version! Thank you for your interest!

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Deleted 2 years ago

I haven’t played this game yet but I’m a seasoned solo gamer.  I can see just by reading through it that this is a unique and awesome game.  Check out Cezar’s other games (Particularly ‘Scraps’) he is very creative.  Well done sir.  Continue!  :-)


Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!


Hi, is this a SOLO game?


Hi, there! Yes, it mainly is. It can also be played together, as a “shared solo” experience. 

Thanks for your question, I’ll edit the page to make it clear.