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Who do you use for print on demand?

Lulu, for most of my games (including this one) 😊


Not the best of times, for my wallet, to acquire yet another RPG… Anyhow I bought it more as a way to pay you a drink (your choice) for your birthday, and saying thanks for everything you create and I already had the pleasure to read/play. 

Btw, for those who don’t know yet, Cezar also developed a RPG currently not available on Itch: “I Guess This Is It”, published by Button Shy Games, an indie boardgame publisher. (I’m in no way affiliated to them… just a fan)

Thank you so much, that’s very kind! 


What a simple yet wholly flexible mechanic Kismet is, this will be a talking point in the Solo RPG community sooner than later. So glad you have created this Cezar!

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! ^^ 


Push SRD was a pearl, Kismet is a jewel.

 Your new RPG is minimalist, inventive but mostly elegant.

Am I wrong when I say that "KISMET" refers to the arabian word meaning "FATE" or "DESTINY" ?

Thank you so much!

Yes, you're correct! I hadn't heard about said word before, but came across it when research synonyms for Karma, since I thought that was a evocative concept for the only number that governs this game. 

Apparently, Kismet has been absorbed as part of the English lexicon as well!


This is genius. That's it: get Kismet and go play it.

Thank you so much! 


My print copy arrived. Looks great!


Neat! I’m glad to hear that! :)


Great read, really excited to give it a go! I have a group that like to switch system / setting after major plot arcs, so I can see this working really nicely for interlude adventures between those switches.

Thank you so much, I hope it serves you well!


This is great! I like how the text doesn't imply the need for a GM, while letting you have one if you want.

I think a simple play example would be helpful, for instance explaining how a character would succeed or fail in a situation where they have applicable tags vs no applicable tags, especially if they have low Kismet.

I could picture myself becoming over cautious after rolling a 19 or 20 and not participating much. Unless I was told that I don't risk much rolling for something my character is really good at, essentially resetting my Kismet at a low cost. 

The game for me would be to find such an opportunity for a low risk roll before danger shows up again.


Thanks, Eric!

Indeed, an example of play is one of the goals of the expanded version, as well as optional rules on how to make tags mechanically relevant.

But you grasped the premise really well. I personally enjoy the idea of watching players seeking in-game opportunities for "resetting" the Kismet in lower-stakes scenarios. Game the game! 

The original idea of not having tags influence the die roll is to avoid the "is this tag applicable?" conversation that permeates similar games. Nothing wrong with that, I just wanted a faster approach, tags as a roleplaying compass.

But I understand your point and I shall address it with the upcoming optional rules!


Yeah, counting tags and negotiating their relevance isn't a game I'm enjoying. Using them for description only is a less demanding/tense way to do it.

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This is a curious game. I like how it leans into the swing of the d20. I do think the game could use a couple of examples of play. I'm also curious if there is a way that Tags could have a more mechanical meaning in play for those of us who prefer a bit more "game" in our gaming.


Love the idea! 

I’ll add both to the game if I reach the campaign. goal! :)