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It's the zombie apocalypse! And you are a cow!

The farmers are hiding in the Barn, so it is up to you and your sisters to save this place and live to chew another day!


This is a cooperative tower-defense tabletop game for 1 to 4 players. You play as courageous cows defending their home from a horde of nasty zombies.

It is not a roleplaying game, although there is nothing stopping you from impersonating your cow characters (in fact, that would be awesome).

It is intended as a rules-light filler board game to spend some fun time with friends and family, and have a laugh while eating some snacks.


  • Print the Farm Map, the zombies, and cow tokens
  • Choose from 8 unique cows to play
  • Spawn the zombies on the Farm Map
  • Roll the dice to move around, attack the zombies and fill your Energy Bar
  • Use your Special Power
  • Stop zombies from getting into the barn or biting you (you don't want to become a zombie cow!)
  • Defeat the horde or see your farm succumb to the undead army!


  • Easy to grasp rules that are suited for all ages
  • The game comes with all custom tokens for you to print and play
  • Each cow has crazy Special Powers, such as Methane Mist or Milk Missile
  • The game uses only d4s!


The game is done and ready to be printed and played! If there's enough interest and we reach the campaign goal, I'll be able to develop:

  • Print-on-demand version of the game (book, tokens, maps, and so on)
  • Custom virtual tabletop version of the game so you can play online with your friends

This work is based on Caltrop Core, published by Titanomachy RPG. The Caltrop Core SRD is licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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AuthorCezar Capacle
Tagscooperative, Print & Play, Singleplayer, Tower Defense, Zombies


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PACK 01 - PDF book + Print and Play Pack

If you are only interested in getting the book and printing the materials at home, this is the pack for you! You will get:

  • Fully illustrated and bookmarked 48-page PDF
  • Printable files for:
    • Cow Sheets
    • Cow tokes
    • Zombie tokens
    • Energy, methane and manure tokens
    • Farm Map (full-color and printer-friendly versions)
    • Cheat Sheet (quick reference guide)

Community copies

If you can't afford a copy of the game right now, help yourself to a community copy.

You will get access to the following files:

Cows-vs-Zombies_full.pdf 19 MB
Cows-vs-Zombies_printables.pdf 76 MB

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Hi. I just purchased your game and can't wait to assemble it. Could you please provide versions of the counter sheets with cut-lines? It's a real pain to line them oneself and almost all PNP-games come with lined counter sheets. Thanks!

Hi, there! Thank you!

Do you mean those dashed outlines that show where to cut the tokens? (sorry, the terminology is new to me)

Would something like that work?


Hi Cezar

Thank you very much for your reply! Yes, that would be great. :)


Awesome! I’ll work on that :)


Thank you so much! :)