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I had read good things about this game system a while ago, and it's true that it has something to reconcile me with Blades in the Dark, with its impeccable mechanics but with its deceptively heroic and really gnarly narrative. Here it's a version of the thing that is both simplified and transformed like modeling clay that is offered to us: a flexible and inventive system, allowing probably quite a few styles of games without too much effort. I read all this with a purely theoretical interest, but if I were a fan of systems to keep on hand for improvised games, mole.mole would certainly be on my list.

Thank you so much for your feedback, deeply appreciated!


Hi! This game sounds really neat but I must admit I find it strange that it's sold at 5 US $ here and only 4 R$ on… Is the difference in price due to the different languages?

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Hi, there! Thank you for your observation! 

Indeed, I try to keep my games accessible considering the local economy. So Brazilian minimum wage is R$5/hour, so that's how I decided on the price for the Portuguese version. 

It is my way to keep prices fair. 

However, if you are going through financial hardship at the moment, do not hesitate to contact me and I am sure we can arrange something!  


It's a very fair (and very good) answer, thanks!
Good enough that I just grabbed my copy right here to support you :)

Much appreciated, thank you!


If you were unsure of the starting Posture (Position in Blades) would you use the Engagement Roll from Blades or perhaps make do with the Oracle 2 "how strong?" check? Some guidance on this in the tips & options section would be good I think.


Yes, that’s exactly how I would do it! I’d  also use it for Challenge Level if unsure. Great idea, that’s going for tips and options for sure. 

And by "it" I mean using the Oracle 2! Sorry I just realized I wasn't clear


I think the thing that threw me off a little bit is that Oracle 2 seems patterned in someway off the Fortune Roll but the wording is a little different. The Fortune Roll assumes that a high result (6, critical) is in the player's favor and each tier lower is less favorable. Depending on how you "ask" Oracle 2 your question a high result might be really bad for your character - so - it just takes a moment to think about how to frame the question.


Indeed! There's some dissonance when comparing to core BitD. Oracle 2 is lifted directly from One Page Solo Engine, and higher is not necessarily better, it's just... more intense? So yeah "How bad" "How large" "How cold" "How many guards" "How many gold pieces" are all equally valid questions.


Early review thoughts: This is based on an initial read-through and some very light playtesting.

This is a thoughtful take on Forged in the Dark genre-less style gaming for the solo player. I've played Scum and Villany (and read Blades in the Dark) solo and while it works remarkable well "out of the box" there are some challenges that can be difficult to hack around with the assumptions built into those two games. The Crew (Blades) or Ship (Scum) "playbooks" are mechanically intertwined in the game - they add flavor for sure but they also will really hamper your efforts as a solo player if you don't leverage and honor the mechanics that are embedded into the systems in on those playbooks. If you want to hack them (alter the setting, try new genres, etc) it can take some work to untangle the effects of the Crew/Ship sheets on the game. What Cezar has done is give you a clean base to start from for your solo game. If you are playing a game where you still have a fictional crew, party, or team working together then you can slowly add back on the pieces you need for your game - if you are not using these component Cezar has saved you a world of time spent hacking/editing that you can instead spend playing! I always believe that starting light and through play, building up your game/table specific modifications is a much smarter way to go that to start with something else and have to strip away what is not needed.

Very insightful review! That's exactly the philosophy I followed while designing it. Thanks and enjoy your games!


Any chance you could make a version of the mobile variant that is monochrome as well? I often read PDFs in night mode and the colors are throwing things off a bit in my phone.

Looks great otherwise! Thanks for putting this together.

Sure thing! I’ll set one up and let you know! Thank you! 


I forwarded an example on to you!